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Natural Diaper Rash Treatment

Stacked yellow and white Shea butter depicting natural diaper rash treatment

After giving birth to my daughter, I was busy figuring out feeding her, how to best change a diaper, and focusing on my own healing. I received a few diaper creams and ointments as gifts, but I didn’t think I would actually need them.

One day, I noticed redness and a small breakdown of the skin on my baby’s bottom.ย Between the poop, pee, wipes, and different diapers, I wasn’t sure what was causing the redness. I didn’t have the time to obtain an all natural diaper rash ointment and had to use what I had on hand. I immediately started using this strong, horrible chemically smelling ointment that I had on hand. It seemed to work ok, but the smell had me thinking my child may eventually start to have that comic book green, chemical glow.

Then the search began: what best to use, how to use it…. After lots of searching, I discovered a viable, natural option: Raw Shea Butter.

Not to knock other ointments, creams, lotions, or pastes but hands down, Raw Shea Butter is the best in my book. White or Yellow, it does not matter. With the growing cancer epidemic, and our increased susceptibility to developing some form of it, I don’t like to take risks I can avoid by choosing what I think may be a better alternative. Some products are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, unnatural fragrances, and all manner of evil goop I can hardly pronounce. Our skin is porous, it absorbs what we put on it, so not only is it important to watch what we put in our bodies, it is also important to be more careful about what we put on our bodies.

I already use Shea butter for many purposes, from skin care to haircare. As a new mother, it has been a lifesaver. In my opinion, Raw Shea Butter is an awesome alternative to many diaper rash treatments and preventions on the market. It has no creepy smell, no questionable ingredients , and it’s been working like a charm.

What I do: Wipe. Dry. Apply. At almost every diaper change.

After cleaning baby’s bottom, I dry her to remove any excess moisture, then the apply Shea butter,which creates a thin seal/ barrier to help prevent future moisture from pee or poop from ย being absorbed by her skin.

Result: No more diaper rash!

In addition to using raw Shea butter as a preventative measure for diaper rash, I often use the excess on my skin to keep it soft and supple.



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