In 2017

Pure Potentiality

word pure written in sand

The opportunities are endless. If I never try, I will always live with regret, wondering, “what if I had done this back then when I was able to?” Right now I am considering a bountiful new life, where I have the oppprtunity to explore my true potential, make something out of nothing.  I have done this before, bringing to life a poem, a piece of art, a song… just last year I brought forth a human. After realizing I had the opportunity to explore my full potential, I did whatever I could to nurture and protect this thought. I bought a planner, I wrote positive attributes about myself on a poster in my bedroom with directional headings such as “I am, I can, I have, I believe”, and notating the corresponding answers to each prompt. I decided to do at least one thing everyday that would bring me closer to creating this thing I have in mind, this life I want to live.  I injected positivity into my life by listening to inspiring messages on YouTube from Lisa Nichols, TD Jakes, and Joel Osteen, watching entrepreneurial videos, listening to excerpts of Florence Scovel Schinn’s “The Game of Life and How to Play It”, and by talking to and spending time with people in my life who I love.

I don’t expect this road to be easy, but I am not afraid. I do not fear the challenge, I welcome it.

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