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Stress Free Holiday Gift Giving with Tile: Give the Gift of Finding


Aside from the festivities, family gatherings, and food shared during the holidays, I think many of us look forward to exchanging gifts. It’s always nice to receive something thoughtful and provide someone else with something they will cherish and enjoy. Unfortunately, sometimes that can be difficult. From fitting gift shopping into our busy schedules, to thinking up the perfect gift for your loved ones, the pressure definitely can get real.

Like most things, when gift giving becomes stressful, you tend to enjoy it a lot less. Who wants to miss out on the magic of the season, bogged down by the weight of finding that perfect gift? I know I don’t. So this holiday season, I plan to have a smooth, stress-free experience, at least where gift-giving is Because I want the same for you, I’m sharing my Top Pick for an awesome holiday gift that is sure to please everyone on your list.

Look no further than Tile for a gift everyone is sure to love!

Tile holiday Christmas gift guide

This Thanksgiving Holiday, I lost an earring and I thought I lost my driver’s license. I looked all over a family member’s home for my earring but couldn’t find it.  Finally, I found my license, after hours of searching for it.

I really hate losing valuable things, so when I heard about Tile, I was immediately intrigued. A small and stylish Bluetooth device that can attach to almost anything and can help you locate lost items that are precious to you. Ever lose your wallet, keys (at least once a week for me) or your child’s favorite toy? That sinking feeling in your stomach can potentially be avoided by purchasing a Tile this Christmas Holiday for yourself and loved ones.

Tile holiday Christmas gift guide

Here’s How Tile Works:

  • Your physical Tile pairs with the Tile App.
  • Attach it to items you don’t want to lose.
  • If you lose one of those items, access the Tile app on your phone, press the Tile button, an if your lost item is within the 1ooft Bluetooth range, it will ring loudly until you find it.
  • In the event you lose your phone, double press your physical tile to make  your phone ring, even its on silent.
  • If you keep the app running in the background on your phone, it will keep a log of the last location of your “tiled” items.
  • If you’re too far away from your lost item for it to ring, you can connect to the world’s largest lost and found community, where other users can help you locate your missing item. Find out more here.

I am definitely gifting myself with a Tile this year, because I seem to misplace everything nowadays. I will also be gifting a friend with one as well, but shhh!, that’s a surprise!

Tile Tips:

  • I would attach a Tile to items that once lost, would be difficult to make a move without, such as a wallet, car keys, phone, laptop, diaper bag (pictured below) or suitcase, for traveling.

Tile holiday Christmas gift guide

  • Tile’s multipacks are a perfect one stop shop, at less than $20 each when you buy a 4-pack, to get everyone on your list a gift they’ll never forget. Literally. (They also come with a free, no-need to gift wrap pouch!)
  • Be sure to check out the Tile Holiday Gift Guide to see which Tile is perfect for your loved ones. Choose from the Tile Mate, Tile Sport, Tile Style, or Tile Slim.


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