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Why You Need to Start Now!|4 Quick Tips on Making Your Dream Your Reality

The first cut is the deepest….. that song is playing over and over in my head and it actually applies to today’s message. Like the first cut may be the hardest to bear, the first step is usually the hardest to take.  If you have a dream, which I know you do, why not go for it, and make it a reality? Sounds easier than it is, right?

While your dream may not come true in a day, week, month or even a few years, it is imperative that you remember this: Each small step in the direction of your dream counts. Think of it like building  a pyramid. We are excited to get to the top but can easily become discouraged looking at how far the top is from the ground. If you start now, laying your foundation, brick by brick, you’ll be at least halfway done before you know it.

Think about the fact that tomorrow is not promised.

If you acknowledged the possibility that you could be on the other side tomorrow, what would you do with your time? What is important to you? Is there a legacy you would like to leave? 

Acknowledge the urge to be overwhelmed by the big picture, then move past it, by focusing on a small action or step.

Choosing one thing to do today will get things into motion. Choosing at least one thing every day and Starting Now, will help you build momentum and habits that will support your end goal. Get focused (at least on one task even if it’s small) today.

There is beauty in knowing that each day you wake up, you have a new opportunity to do things differently.

If you got distracted or failed to accomplish a task the day before, don’t beat yourself up or use that as an excuse to not push forward. If you struggle with procrastination, check out these quick tips to get you on the right track. Make each day and each step count. You can achieve the goals you have in your heart, focus on completing them one step at a time and START NOW.

Let go of the thought that you have to have a hard plan figured out to the ‘T’.

You don’t have to have a hard plan. The world around us is changing every day. Allow your plan to be flexible and leave room for modifications. Make a loose plan for the big picture, save the specifics for smaller goals and tasks you can complete in the days, weeks, or months ahead.

Much love and many blessings to you! May your dreams manifest into your reality😘


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