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SPLIT Movie Takeaway

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SPLIT Movie 2017

Today I went to the movies for the first time in at least 5 months. My sister and I saw the movie SPLIT. *Spoiler Alert!!

Unfortunately, I came in the theater after the movie had been on for at least 15 minutes… I must say it was pretty good though. I’m a Gemini, so people say I have a split personality, but sheeesh! I could never compare to the main character, played by James McAvoy. It was very Sybil meets Psycho meets X-Men.

Although this film was pretty good, I won’t be doing a review on it. Instead, I will be touching on a few themes in the film that were interesting food for thought.

In the film, the main character was seen frequently visiting a therapist who specialized in working with clients who had personality disorders.

Interestingly, the therapist was working to get the world to see people with these disorders as gifted individuals, who, as a result of their pain or past trauma, had tapped into another part of the brain that allowed them to experience life from different perspectives and sometimes even accomplish almost supernatural feats. For instance, one personality being clinically diagnosed as diabetic and another personality of the same individual ย not having trace at all of diabetes. The therapist saw their diagnoses as possible strengths rather than weaknesses or disorders.

“The broken are the more evolved” is a quote that stuck with me after the film. ย To me, this quote suggests that those who experience pain or have to overcome or work through challenges in life are actually better equipped to face the world we live in today. The beauty of this is that we ALL face challenges in life. We All have the opportunity to turn our pain and challenges into lessons that can help us in the future.

What we perceive as weaknesses can actually be our strengths. It all depends on our perception. The mind is very powerful. In SPLIT, the main character said towards the end of the movie,”We are what we believe we are”, I agree wholeheartedly. If you have faith and confidence in yourself and truly believe that you can achieve what you set out to, then you can.

In SPLIT, the main character evolved into the highest, most powerful expression of himself ( although that expression was also malevolent and violent ). Physically, mentally, and emotionally, he became someone, and something else.

In a more positive light, I do believe we are able to do the same. We can manipulate our bodies, develop our minds and emotions, increase our intellect and wisdom, and expand our hearts through practice, intention,and consistency.

We are what we believe we are. If you get the opportunity, go see SPLIT.

How have your challenges or painful experiences empowered you?

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