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Go green: I’ve never been extremely health conscious, but every day I see more and more reason to become more intentional about my habits. What I eat, the types of products I put on my body, the proximity of my electronic devices, are all things I have started to pay more attention to. Stuffing my face with that oh so wonderful, ooey gooey double cheeseburger, now gives me pause. Is the cheese bad for me? How much of the patty is real meat? Is that meat from a horse? How did it die? Is it really from a cow? What is ketchup? You get my drift.

After having gallbladder disease and watching my mother pass away from bile duct cancer, I can’t help but to be more careful. I know that eventually we will all pass on, from something or another, but I would really like to be as healthy as possible and I would like to not be in a position of suffering before I go. I know I can not completely control this, but there are some steps I can take to better my chances. After all, I am no longer just living for myself. I have a precious little life to nurture and protect.

  • Buy organic/hormone free if possible
  • Limit use of unnatural body lotions and skin products (I love raw Shea butter and virgin coconut oil)
  • Drink lots of good water
  • Be aware of types of unhealthy radiation we are exposed to through the use of our electronic devices
  • Get plenty of exercise and rest
  • Find ways to limit stress (it is a silent killer)

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