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An Artful Existence

abstract art with yellow, black, red, and white streaks

I want to wake up and see the beauty in the sheets, revel in the alignment and placement of each of my daughter’s features as she sleeps. I want to embrace every creative fiber of my being and really craft a life full of gratitude, and peace, with space enough to discover my true self. ย Too often, life just blows on by. The days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months…. Noticing daily miracles, beauty in simple things, brings so much quality to our days. What would happen if we looked at our lives the way we observe a beautiful painting in a museum? Appreciating every curve and stroke, seeing mistakes as just a part of the masterpiece, stepping away and coming close to gain differing perspectives…. We are all beautiful creatures and deserve the ability to recognize that beauty within. Give yourself a pat on the back sometimes. Celebrate YOU! Enjoy the work of art that we call life.

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