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Amazing Aven

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We are almost five months in, and this little person has completely taken over. Gone are the days of her just sleeping, eating and pooping… Now Aven is up and ready to conquer the world! Well, my world at least. I can’t complain though, she is a gift from God. She is my refresher course on sacrifice and patience, and she is also teaching me unconditional love. Every few days she is discovering something new. I get to observe her realizing she has feet, or that her hands taste really good lol, or that she can roll over. I see in her, pure joy. She is genuinely  suuuper excited to see me when I walk in the room or wake her up or play with her, and that gummy smile melts my heart every time. My little sugar plum caresses my face sometimes, with those little chubby fingers (which, if accessorized with unclipped nails, will scratch you up, down, and around the corner) like she is tracing my outline, it is the best feeling…Her babbling is starting to become more frequent, working out the sounds that will soon shape her language. “Da-da-da-da-da-da”, is all I’m getting so far. I’m patiently waiting on the sideline to hear “Ma-ma”. All in due time 🙂

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